Executive Leadership Of The Pan African Chamber Of Commerce

Who we are

The leadership team of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce is a partnership to develop and expand a network of leaders in the business, government and community sectors who are prepared to address the unique challenges of economic development in Africa.

The leadership team also acts as corporate think tank to help the chamber to strategically impact our communities by creating jobs via supporting small to medium enterprises Africa.

The mission of the leadership team is to develop and provide leadership to work jointly with the business, community, and government interests to ensure balanced decision-making in maintaining Africa’s vitality and liveability. 

They facilitate among others:

Executive relationships with local and international stakeholders. 
Strategic leadership and implementation. 
Mentorship to the members of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and other small business owners to become active in civic activities that will meet the changing demands on our local communities.

Johnny Muteba

(South Africa): Chairman and Founder

Johnny Muteba founded the Pan African Chamber of Commerce in 2015 in Johannesburg/South Africa. He has over 15 years of work experience in media, entertainment, entrepreneurship, trade, social impact, and human rights.

He is a global thought leader with a proven track record of leading multicultural teams and delivering outstanding results and as an in-depth understanding of business networking, negotiations, relationships, and project management. Johnny’s work is inspired by his responsibility to Africa. He has a very special ability to connect entrepreneurial vision, creative passion, and innovative problem-solving.

His enthusiasm and experience provide compelling insights, interesting ideas, and refreshing approaches which are so desperately needed today. Johnny offers a broad range of professional services for artists, corporations, universities, and Governments. Across all that he does, he taps into the power of creativity to innovate lives, bottom lines, organizations, and the communities that sustain us.

The Pan African Chamber of Commerce is currently active in more than 45 countries in Africa and is also in the United States and Europe. He is a member of the World Trade Organization/International Chamber of Commerce committee on medium and small enterprises advisory committee He is also the founder of the Women Entrepreneurship Centre, and the American Arts Academy.

Charles Johnson

Chamber President

Charles Johnson has seamlessly crafted a career as remarkable for its comprehensive reach as for its depth, underscored by a dedicated commitment to innovation, mentorship, and community contribution. As the visionary behind BidLock, he has developed a source-to-pay SaaS platform under patent review, reflecting his forward-thinking in tech.

Simultaneously, he leads Agriculture Conversion Systems, infusing sustainability into organic farming and waste management, and chairs the Each One Teach One Network, a mentorship body promoting cross-cultural learning.

His role in the International Agro-Alliance further underscores his commitment to global cooperation and support.
Holding multiple patents and trademarks like the “Labor Resource Testing System and Method” (US Patent # 8,517,742), Charles balances his creative pursuits with a profound dedication to knowledge sharing and mentorship.

Boasting over twenty years in executive roles in supply chain, logistics, and contract management, Charles’s expertise has been pivotal in streamlining operations within Fortune 500 firms across sectors such as energy, defense, and healthcare.

His work has been instrumental in driving industry progress and economic sustainability. Charles embodies servant leadership, quietly championing women’s entrepreneurship, cultural diversity, and family values. His life’s mission reflects a powerful yet humble service to others, striving to empower the underrepresented and honor cultural diversity.

Dr. Lucy Anning

(Ghana): Chief Economist

Dr. Lucy Anning is an Industrial Economist and SME startup and development specialist. 

Lucy served officially for two years under the jurisdictive mandate of the Ministry of Finance, Ghana (MOF). Dr.Anning is currently an adjunct lecturer at the Wuhan University in the People’s Republic of China and an associate researcher with the Ghana-China Friendship Association (GHACHIFA).

Dr.Anning holds degrees in economics and business administration (Ph.D.) in Industrial Economics from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China, master’s degree in Quantitative Economics, and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics respectively). 

Dr. Anning has years of global experience in the financial and academic sectors, where she worked for various universities and Financial institutions. 

Dr. Anning’s research interests are in the areas of China-Africa relations with a focus on International Development, Investment, Languagage and Aid, Business Environment and its impact on various economic entities, Global Comparative Economics and Cooperation, Business Management, Operations and Internationalisation, The Politics and Economics of International Relations, SMEs Management, investment and entrepreneurship (Especially in business incubators). 

Sundaresen Rungasamy

(Mauritius): Chief Trade and Investment Officer

Sundaresen “Sunny” Rungasamy is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a passion for driving organizational growth and transformation.

With over two decades of experience in consulting and project management across various industries, including Automotive, High-Tech, Civil Engineering, Medical Insurance, Banking, Satellite, and defense, Sunny has made a significant impact.

Sunny’s expertise lies in guiding organizations through digital transformation journeys, employing Agile@Scale practices and governance.

With a steadfast commitment to long-term planning and strategic decision-making, he empowers businesses to thrive in complex and rapidly evolving environments. His keen eye for identifying improvement areas, training teams, and facilitating change has consistently delivered remarkable outcomes, optimizing processes and driving operational efficiency.

In addition to his proficiency in Agile methodologies, Sunny possesses a background in business development and entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, he has expanded his horizons by investing in farming, specifically sugar cane plantation and vegetable cultivation, while still maintaining a strong presence in the technological world
Organizations can confidently embrace digital transformation, achieve operational excellence, and stay at the forefront of their industries with Sunny’s innovative leadership and capacity to create disruptive change. 

Kristen Landsberg

(South Africa):Chief Operations Officer

I am a strategic visionary with a dynamic background in brand design, development, and innovation.

My journey has been one of weaving insights, ideas, and impact into every venture I undertake.
As a seasoned strategist, I’ve mastered the art of brand positioning through meticulous research and creative thinking.

I am passionate about generating top-notch ideas, extracting key insights, and crafting immersive content that leaves an indelible mark. 

With an impressive track record, I’ve collaborated with renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Absa, Investec, Mattel and Spotify. My niche lies in Sustainable Brand Based Innovation, an area where I have left my mark.

My journey of learning includes a master’s degree from the University of Johannesburg, equipping me with tools to drive impactful change
Beyond the digital realm, I excel in steering businesses toward success. My role in corporate boards is focused on communications and brand innovation.

A data-driven strategist, I harness statistical insights to humanize strategies that resonate profoundly.

My achievements speak volumes. I have earned the honor of being an award-winning strategist, with accolades including the prestigious Golden Loerie, Ignition Award, and a PRISM. These recognitions fuel my commitment to crafting a difference that lasts beyond strategy, I proudly hold the mantle of an MD in a construction company.

My multi-industry experience spans manufacturing, telecommunications, and the entertainment realm. My passions extend beyond business; I have a love for aviation, creative writing, and the mesmerizing world of animation. 
My mission is clear: to foster brand communities united by shared vision and intention. Through my brand thought leadership,I aim to leave an indelible legacy of purposeful connections.

Dr. Ursula D. Frederick Brown

(USA):Chief Creative Officer

Affectionately known as Ursula D. in most circles, she is a highly respected entrepreneur and marketplace ministry leader in all forms of urban-inspired arts, business, entertainment, media, and music.

Some of her accomplishments include working for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs with nearly 15 years of service. 

She is the author of Manifesting Kingdom Commerce and its corresponding MKC Network which encourages and empowers Church+ Congregation+Connected Businesses+ Community Collaborations for Commerce; she currently operates as Chief Strategist, Visionary, and Creative Officer of iNSPiRED Lifestyle Arts & Entertainment Alliance (iLAEA) formerly known as UGA International, Inc, a professional association for urban-inspired artists, executives, other professionals, and consumers empowering artists and creatives to focus on their art while iLAEA assists them to be optimal entrepreneurs and grow their business/career/ministry. 

Ursula owns and runs AEIMM Management & Consulting Group, LLC, a federal contracting, consulting, research, website, and business development firm. Ursula also serves as the Chairman and One of the Original Founders of the Embassy International Chamber of Commerce (EICC), along with her duties as Chief Visionary of the recently launched EICC Network and its corresponding Network:
Embassychambernetwork.com facilitates Chambers & Faith-Driven Entrepreneurship in Black churches all around the world.

Lee-Anne Gammage

(South Africa) : Chief Entrepreneurship Officer

I am a thought leader, visionary, action taker, and woman in business.
With a 22-year career spanning grassroots to executive roles in diverse sectors, I have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in driving business growth and fostering entrepreneurial leads.

Known for my leadership ability and keen business acumen, I have demonstrated a commitment to mentorship and guidance across language and cultural intricacies. One of my unique abilities is to connect with individuals from all walks of life, and this has allowed me to inspire and lead individuals and teams toward achieving their goals.

Recognizing the inherent potential of each person, I firmly believe that the golden thread of humanity, creation, and business runs through every individual. I understand that the key to success is often just one small step away.

In my role as the Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, I am inspired to drive the narrative for small, medium, and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) throughout Africa to become successful and where required Macro-business ventures for large scheme facilitation.

Sarah Ladipo

(USA):Chief Youth Officer

Sarah Ladipo is a highly motivated Philosophy major and Political Science minor from Ohio University with a keen interest in international humanitarian work, the non-profit sector, and research.

With a versatile background, she has acquired diverse experience from working in various fields including venture capital, tech, and government which has enabled her to develop strong problem-solving skills and adaptability to different environments.

Sarah is passionate about making a positive impact on society and is committed to leveraging her skills and experience to contribute to meaningful work. Sarah works with Blacks in Technology South Africa as their coordinator of tech exchange between people of African descent in the United States and the African continent through South Africa where she lived for more than 9 months in 2022. 

Nana Wanjau

(Kenya):Chief Gender Officer

Nana Wanjau is the 2022 Woman With a Mission Recognition and Achievement Award winner.

She is also the Global Women in Leadership Awards 2022 winner. She is the 8th All African Business Leaders Award (AABLA) winner, she is the Philanthropist of the Year EA Award winner and the Harmony Institute Philanthropy Award winner.

Nana serves on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Research on African Digital Policies and Innovations(CRADPI) Headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa.

Nana is a long-term mentor in the Global Give Back Circle mentoring the next leaders from the Mastercard Foundation Programs
Nana is an impact Pan African Leader and is the Administrative Director for Eastern and Southern African regions for the Commonwealth Women Network (CWN); a Commonwealth Accredited Organisation.

She is the Vice President of Commonwealth Business Women Africa, an affiliate of CWN.
She is the CEO of Branding Beyond Borders (B3). B3 is about connecting brands globally.

Nana is passionate about women’s empowerment through social and economic advancement
She is the visionary behind the SheMarketplace, a platform that offers business women an opportunity to connect with potential buyers and sellers and to find new markets.

Dr. Eileen Cheng

(USA): Chief Learning Officer

Dr. Eileen Cheng-Zuberi is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive healthcare pharmaceutics and community development backgrounds intersecting her works in regions including North America, Africa, and the Asian Pacific Islands.

For the love of Peace, Justice, and humanity, she became the first and only existing Member of the Parliament of East Asian descent for the State of African Diaspora (SOAD) as well as serving with pride as the Chief Learning Officer for the Pan African Chamber of Commerce (PACC).

As the co-founder of the African Youth Diaspora Organization (AYDO), Dr Eileen commits AYDO as a bridge-building emissary between Africans and Diasporas of the 6th African Union region; by ways of youth development and knowledge transfer.

She is a Mother and a healer with holistic family values and her devoted passion is in storytelling and re-imagining the African brand through Afro-centric content distribution through the Lens of Africa.

Hastings Hago Golosi

(Malawi): Chief Strategy Officer

Hastings HaGo Golosi is a Malawian entrepreneur and co-founder of HD Plus Creations Limited, where he uses his filmmaking skills for social change.

He is a business development specialist and also the founder of Enactim, an organization that mentors the youth with business and entrepreneurship skills.

He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Science in Information Technology obtained from the Malawi Polytechnic and a 2021 Mandela Washington Fellow under the Business and Entrepreneurship track.

He is a 2020 nominee for the Africa Youth Awards under the category of Social Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2020, he joined the Rice 360 Institute for Global Health international internship program where he is coaching college student interns and empowering future innovators through their design work.

The program comprises students from Rice University (USA), Kenya, and Malawi University. Having a passion for filmmaking, he partnered with a college classmate, in a media consultancy business called HD Plus Creations which has successfully managed to employ more than 22 people.

It is their goal to be leaders of the film industry in Africa and employ more by 2030. He has produced short and documentary films about poverty reduction among the youth, girl-child empowerment, entrepreneurship, and climate change.

Hastings always believes that the creative sector has the power to promote inclusiveness and always avails himself of such initiatives. In 2021, he partnered with a Malawian award-winning fashion designer, Xandria to organize the first-ever inclusive fashion show which included people with disabilities. They did this with the aim of showing
that people with disabilities can also be included in modeling and standards of beauty.

This year, they are doing it again and they want to build 10 young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Their goal is to establish a creative hub that skilled persons with physical disabilities can use to sell their products and to support the Malawi 2063 agenda of equal opportunities.

Ms. Dadirai Babra Ngwena

Chief Diaspora Officer

Ms. Dadirai Babra Ngwena is a native of Zimbabwe. Born and raised in Harare, the capital city of her country. Dadirai began her career as a high school teacher in the city but changed careers when HIV/AIDs ravaged many children and families in Africa in general.  Zimbabwe at the time with a population of less than 7,5 million, was considered as having the highest number of persons infected with the virus. It was during this time that Ms. Ngwena realized her passion for working and advocating for those whose voices were silenced and many times not heard due to being poor and not able to advocate for themselves. During her years working as the National Youth Program Officer, HIV/AIDS, Dadirai, together with many other advocates and in partnership with the University of San Francisco, developed and contributed to the Zimbabwe HIV/AIDs school curriculum which continues to influence materials on this subject to this day. Her work at the time was featured in Scientific America, 1998-1999.

Dadirai moved to Lyon, France in early 2000 and later moved to the USA, where she is based in Fort Indiana, where she has extensively worked with immigrants and refugees, developed materials to support their well- being including curriculum to train interpretation and translation services.  Her background as a teacher, in psychology and human services has created many opportunities for her to work with many invisible members of the community. She has spoken and presented at the state level, on topics about human trafficking, sexual violence, and sexual assault, and family violence including mental health and mental wellness. Currently provides consulting services for the State of Indiana, as the Equity consultant for the 988 Crisis Response Line, which is a national crisis and helpline for all forms of crisis experienced by individuals including suicide and addictions.

Dadirai owns two successful businesses registered in the USA, Bridges Family Services, LLC  which provides diverse services to families who find themselves involved with the court system.

She is the Founder and CEO of Biz Global Group, a company that works to globally connect small and large business industries and promote investments between countries, the USA, Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world. At the core of this is the philanthropic aspect of economic empowerment and economic growth for many communities around the world.

Dadirai is the Chief Diaspora Officer for the PanAfrican Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce Member, Lead Sector for the Global Opportunities, trade mission to Zimbabwe, Elder with the People of African Descent, Fort Wayne Indiana, USA.

Dadirai loves to travel, hiking, tasting new foods, wine and connect with other cultures and is a sponge to learning anything new!