Season of African Cultures

Enhance global recognition of African culture...

The Season of African Cultures is an initiative of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce whose goal is to enhance global recognition of African culture,nurturing future creators; and leveraging business development,trade and investment opportunities

The purpose of the season is to facilitate cooperation between Africa and the United States of America in relation to matters of arts and culture

We will work collaboratively with American counterparts in identifying appropriate measures and fostering the exchange of information, professional expertise, training, exhibitions, and arts and culture initiatives


To be a catalyst in strengthening the acknowledgment of the cultural dimension of sustainable development in Africa



  1. Generate new resources for the economic development of Africa and the creation of new jobs and income generation opportunities.
  2. Open up new markets for African culture in America, strengthen the African cultural identity and creativity as well as broaden people’s participation in cultural development
  3. Strengthen the competitiveness of African cultural goods within the framework of globalization and the liberalization of markets


Innovative Storytellers

Each year, the Hollywood African Film Festival will attract the most innovative storytellers, film enthusiasts, academics, historians, and adventurous audiences to a 2-day celebration of the best African film industry showcase in Los Angeles
We are proud to present a collection of diverse African films concentrating on culture, identity, history, freedom, and arts in Africa and its diaspora.

The festival’s mission is to bring the African culture to life, to support the vision of our creatives, and to reflect on the depth, breadth, and humanity of Africa and its people.